April 3rd Trivia Question

In addition to the contests, challenges, daily prompts, and other activities, we’ve got a new Poetic Trivia question every day in April for National Poetry Month this month. You’ve got to visit the forums daily to get them all, since the previous question is deleted when a new one is posted. Just to tease those of you who aren’t members yet, here’s today’s question:

April 3rd: This renouned female poet’s awards include a Pulitzer Prize nomination, a tony award, Three grammys, the National Medal of Arts, the Lincoln Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.. who is she?

Want to see the new poetic trivia question each day in April? Check it out at this thread:


And if you haven’t joined Poet Share forums yet, what are you waiting for?

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National Poetry Month Prompts

April is going strong at Poet Share Poetry Forums! For those of you who aren’t members yet, perhaps we can tempt you to join by showing you the daily prompts that we’ve got for all of April’s National Poetry Month Celebration:

April 1: Write a 5-line April Fool’s Day poem! No, seriously! (5 or Less board)
April 2: April is a gentle time, and nothing’s more gentle than a lullabye, so write one! (Storytellers)
April 3: Write a limerick using color (Humor)
April 4: Write a poem that includes as many double-letter words as you can (e.g. aardvark, vacuum, bubble, maroon)(Any board!)
April 5: Word of the day Friday! Today’s word: SCRUMPTIOUS (Any board!)
April 6: Take the last line of an existing poem on Poet Share that was written by a poet other than you, and make it the first line of your own new poem. You must include a link to where the other poet’s poem posted here at Poet Share, and give them one karma point. (Any Board!)
April 7: Write a Tanka. If you don’t know what a Tanka is, click here. (The Forms)
April 8: Write an acrostic poem using the words POPCORN WITH BUTTER down the side. (The Forms)
April 9: Re-write a fairy tale from the perspective of an inanimate object. (Storytellers!)
April 10: Poetry and Art: incorporate a photograph or drawing into a poem in some manner. (Unplugged)
April 11: Laughter truly is the best medicine, so write a poem about a visit to the doctor. (Humor)
April 12: Word of the day Friday! Today’s word: TAPESTRY (Any board!)
April 13: Write a poem using one of the Classical forms as listed in this thread. (The Forms)
April 14: It’s Sunday, so write a poem about the Sun. (Nature)
April 15: Ah, it’s tax day in the USA, nothing irks the masses more. Write a poem with your fist raised! (Unplugged or Humor)
April 16: Uplift us all with a poem of triumph, of overcoming adversity, or deliverance. (Lifted Spirits)
April 17: Write a Love poem that contains the word ESSENCE and doesn’t contain the words LOVE, HEART, SPIRIT, ME, or I. (Love)
April 18: Write a parody of a favorite poem. Please indicate what the original poem is that you’re parodying. (Any board!)
**Today is also Poem in your Pocket day! Carry a favorite poem with you and share it with friends or people you meet!**
April 19: Word of the day Friday! Today’s word: HERO (Any board!)
April 20: Found Poetry (click here for definition): poetry is everywhere! Post a piece of Found Poetry, but you must cite your source! (Any board!)
April 21: Write an irreverent epitaph. (The Forms)
April 22: Write an adventurous poem containing a magical element. (Storytellers)
April 23: Write a poem containing a weather element, a color, and a homonym. (Nature)
April 24: The US Library of Congress was established exactly 213 years ago today. In honor of that occasion, write a poem about your favorite book! (Unplugged)
April 25: Write a poem that incorporates something dark and supernatural. (The Dark!)
April 26: Word of the day Friday! Today’s word: SMASH (Any board!)
April 27: It’s the little things that count. Today we prompt you to write about little things that matter more than most people realize.
April 28: Write a love poem without that does not contain the letters “E” or “U”. (Love)
April 29: Write a poem that takes a perceived weakness and shows how it is really a strength. (Any Board!)
April 30: In Conclusion~~Write a poem using only words contained in this very post that you’re reading right now! (Any board!)

Come to the forums today and post your poetry with us!

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Hi everyone!! We’re very excited to bring you some extra, special, extra-special poetry boards this month! Here’s a list of the activities open right now for April’s celebration of National Poetry Month:

•Daily Poetry Prompts
•Daily Poetic Trivia
•The Single-Letter Brain Box!
•5-Line Constrained Write Challenge
•Poetic Tributes (challenging you to write in the style of a famous poet!)
•Round Robin
•Cross-Board Competition!

We hope our members have a great time participating in these exciting events! If you’re not a member, sign up today for free and take part in the best poetry community on the internet!

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Welcome New Members, New Rhymezone Feature, & Upcoming Events

Wow, we had a lot of new folks join last week, so we’d like to “officially” welcome these new members into the fold:

Brutal Gardener
Swinging Pistol

Welcome, friends!!

We also wanted to point out the new RhymeZone feature we’ve added to the posting area. Should you wish to use it, clicking on the RhymeZone logo above the posting box will open a popup window that allows you to search for rhymes, definitions, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, quotes, and much more, all without leaving or losing what you’re currently working on! It’s a neat feature, check it out!

Lastly, but perhaps most excitingly, we wanted to point out that there’s only 1 week until National Poetry Month here at Poet Share Poetry Forums! We have so much planned for you that we’re just bursting to tell you, but that would spoil the surprise, so you’ll just have to be here April 1st to check out all the activities! As a teaser, we leave you with this:

Be sure to be at Poet Share Poetry Forums April 1st, as the Daily Poetry Trivia contest has a new question each and every day in April, and each day’s new question will be pulled before the previous day’s question is posted . . . so if you miss a day, you miss a potential point!

We hope you all have a great week and as always, thanks for being loyal members of Poet Share.

Reply in the forums here: Welcome New Members, New Rhymezone Feature, & Upcoming Events.

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April is Poetry Month!

We’ve been far too lax with updating this blog, but activity at Poet Share Poetry Forums has never been better!  We’re constantly gaining new, active members (354 at last count) and have a ton of activities planned for April’s National Poetry Month celebrations!  You have to be a member to participate but that’s just to keep out the bots, and it’s free so what do you have to lose?  A LOT if you don’t join, that’s what!  Here’s a look at what’s coming in April:

  1. Daily Poetry Prompts
  2. Daily Poetry Trivia
  3. NPM Round Robin
  4. NPM 5-Line Constrained Write Challenge
  5. NPM Single-Letter Brain Box (this one’s a toughie!)
  6. Cross-Board Competition!

And as a gift to members both old and new, I’ve made my ebook of poetry free on Amazon every Friday in April!  Do you belong to KDPSelect and want to participate in Free Poetry Fridays?  Perhaps you have an ebook of poetry that you’d like to give away on those 4 Fridays in April?  If you’re a member, old or new, let me know by PM in the forums and we’ll publicize your ebook for Free Poetry Fridays as well! 

We hope you enjoy your time with the friends and family at Poet Share Poetry Forums!  Have a great April!

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Big News

I’m happy to announce some new additions to the Poet Share team!  Jahaliel is our newest CoAdministrator and Ladylilith is our newest moderator.  Daniel has finally, and most deservedly risen to Administrator and Carousal has taken up the CoAdmin mantle as well.  Wonderful news all around!

With almost 21,000 posts and 273 members, we keep growing and meeting wonderful poets from around the world!  If you haven’t been to Poet Share Poetry Forums yet, you’re missing out!  We have 15 Poetry boards in addition to social boards and our newly popular on-site member blogs.  Plus we’re now accepting submissions for our ebook due out in January (minimum amount of forum posts required for submission).  Membership is free (and members don’t see those pesky advertisements!).  No gimmicks, just a friendly place to read and write poetry.  Come join us today!

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Weekly Prompt #87 & New Weekly Featured Poem

Click here for our New Weekly Prompt!

Our Weekly Featured Poem is Hinges by bluedove

Join today and share your poetry with us! It’s free! 🙂

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