Big News

I’m happy to announce some new additions to the Poet Share team!  Jahaliel is our newest CoAdministrator and Ladylilith is our newest moderator.  Daniel has finally, and most deservedly risen to Administrator and Carousal has taken up the CoAdmin mantle as well.  Wonderful news all around!

With almost 21,000 posts and 273 members, we keep growing and meeting wonderful poets from around the world!  If you haven’t been to Poet Share Poetry Forums yet, you’re missing out!  We have 15 Poetry boards in addition to social boards and our newly popular on-site member blogs.  Plus we’re now accepting submissions for our ebook due out in January (minimum amount of forum posts required for submission).  Membership is free (and members don’t see those pesky advertisements!).  No gimmicks, just a friendly place to read and write poetry.  Come join us today!


About JPH

I'm an aspiring writer and sometime poet, in addition to my two real-life jobs. Live with my partner of 20 years, Norman, on our little wannabe-farm.
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