April is Poetry Month!

We’ve been far too lax with updating this blog, but activity at Poet Share Poetry Forums has never been better!  We’re constantly gaining new, active members (354 at last count) and have a ton of activities planned for April’s National Poetry Month celebrations!  You have to be a member to participate but that’s just to keep out the bots, and it’s free so what do you have to lose?  A LOT if you don’t join, that’s what!  Here’s a look at what’s coming in April:

  1. Daily Poetry Prompts
  2. Daily Poetry Trivia
  3. NPM Round Robin
  4. NPM 5-Line Constrained Write Challenge
  5. NPM Single-Letter Brain Box (this one’s a toughie!)
  6. Cross-Board Competition!

And as a gift to members both old and new, I’ve made my ebook of poetry free on Amazon every Friday in April!  Do you belong to KDPSelect and want to participate in Free Poetry Fridays?  Perhaps you have an ebook of poetry that you’d like to give away on those 4 Fridays in April?  If you’re a member, old or new, let me know by PM in the forums and we’ll publicize your ebook for Free Poetry Fridays as well! 

We hope you enjoy your time with the friends and family at Poet Share Poetry Forums!  Have a great April!


About JPH

I'm an aspiring writer and sometime poet, in addition to my two real-life jobs. Live with my partner of 20 years, Norman, on our little wannabe-farm.
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